Thursday, 19 November 2020

Wholegrain crackers with peach sauce



  • Cook time: 33 min
  • Preparation time: 45 min
  • Materials:- Monsieur Cuisine Connect


  1. For the crackers: add the salad mix to the Monsieur Cuisine and blend for 10 seconds at speed 8. Add the flour, water, oil and a little salt. We select the kneading function and knead for 2 minutes at speed 4.
  2. We stretch the dough between two baking papers with the help of a rolling pin until it is very thin. We remove the one from the surface, make some marks in a square shape and bake for 30 minutes at 180 ºC. We cool and cut the crackers along the lines that we have marked.
  3. For the peach sauce: peel the peaches and cut them into portions, removing the pit. We also split the tomato, the green pepper and the chive and grind them together with the mint in the Monsieur Cuisine for 1 minute at speed 4.
  4. Pour in the juice of the limes, a little salt and mix with the reverse function for 10 seconds at speed 3. We place, accompany the crackers and… enjoy!


These crackers can be an ideal option to snack between meals, snacks or appetizers at meals or family events. On this occasion, we accompany them with a homemade sauce based on fruits and vegetables. A simple, easy to prepare and healthy preparation, what more can we ask for?

We have a good source of carbohydrates in wheat flour, as well as healthy fats in nuts and olive oil. We also include a good portion of fruits and vegetables, although it is always better to use it whole instead of mixing it.

We can also accompany it with a source of protein, such as hummus, thus having an option suitable for the vegetarian population . If we use a gluten-free flour, we will have a dish suitable for people with celiac disease.

It is an ideal recipe for when we are going to use the oven, since while we are preparing the main dish, we can prepare them and have them ready for another time.

Information about the featured ingredient:

These crackers or also called water cookies or unleavened flour dumplings. It was a success among sailors, thanks to its long shelf life, even being called "sea biscuit", a nautical cookie.

They are characteristic for being crunchy , that crack or snap when biting them was what inspired their name. They are usually flavored or seasoned with salt, herbs, seeds or even cheese. As their base is a whole wheat flour, they are an energy food that provides us with complex carbohydrates , as well as a good source of fiber . If the flour we use specifies that it does not contain gluten.

It is a preparation frequently used as a snack, appetizer or starter, as it combines well with many types of ingredients. We can use creamy sauces, like the one we have in the recipe, patés, hummus or creamy cheeses.

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