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Learn what fitness is in this article below, keep reading!


Do you want to know what fitness is?

It is generally associated with an optimal state of physical health that allows you to carry out most of your daily activities.


However, when we speak of "fitness", one usually associates the state related to physical activities.


In this sense, the term comes from the word "fitness" in the English language and means "well-being", that is, "fit" ("healthy" or "healthy").

Fitness or "good physical shape" in Spanish, means being in the excellent physical condition and allowing us to do different activities in optimal health.


However, this situation is not something that occurs magically, it requires work on your part to reach this healthy state and that you feel that you can dominate the world completely.



C When we talk about this topic, we usually associate with people who are doing exercise.

So, fitness or physical form implies an excellent state of health and well-being.


It is the same ability of the person to practice certain physical activities daily, which allows them to be in a fitness state (what is sometimes called the "fitness boy or girl").

What is fitness? The health benefits of sport

When we talk about reaching the ideal state of "well-being" or a "fitness" state, it implies some basic and very important conditions, which will have an impact on the state of your health, which we will point out below:


To have a body in optimal health is related to a healthy diet.

People who are in good health chose to follow a diet based on nutritious foods, such as lean meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, beans, etc. and avoiding those foods high in fat.

It is important to specify that the type of "fitness" diet also depends on the type of diet to which they are being subjected.

There are different types of diets, depending on the chosen regimen and the corresponding nutritional needs.



A person in optimal health follows a regime of constant physical activity to keep his body in excellent physical condition.


Therefore, it is common to attend training centers, gyms, or parks.

In fitness, physical activity as such is essential for better health, which starts from leaving the sedentary life to which we are getting used to in modern times.

The sedentary jobs, made from the computer and do not involve a lot of movement, eventually end up affecting the physical health.

Daily activity is very important for better health and staying healthy.

Actions such as running, walking, or small daily exercise routines or intermediates, contribute to better health and to control weight naturally.



Sometimes overexertion is not the best thing to do. Therefore, for there to be an excellent balance in the body, there must be a daily rest.

Restful sleep allows you to recover your own energy from wear and tear.



Now that we know what fitness is, we have to exercise it to obtain a healthier life. But how can we find that motivation?

We recommend you read our article with the benefits of sport and exercise for health. Once you see the immense amount of benefits that fitness brings to your health, you will surely start practicing it today.

However, you should keep in mind that not all types of exercises work and are often done incorrectly. Therefore, you can also read this guide to understand how you can improve your physical exercise.


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