Sunday, 5 July 2020

What do I need to be a fashion designer?

If you wonder what I need to be a fashion designer? I will answer that you just need to feel like it and be sure that it is what you want to do. If you felt that need to create something with your own hands as a child. Dress, paint, cut the hair of the dolls, rummage through your mother's wardrobe, and put on all her high-heeled shoes. There you have the answer.

You need that, which is something magical, different. It is born from you and at first, you don't know what it is, but you realize that your brain works differently than the others. That explosion of ideas and desire to create is called creativity and imagination.

  • If you have creativity, imagination, and a different vision of things, this is a good step to study fashion design. If you have doubts about that, see this post about creativity and imagination. 
  • Knowing how to draw is essential, you don't have to be an artist, but you must defend yourself with paper figures and mannequins.
  • It helps a lot to know how to sew.  During the race, they teach you how to defend yourself with a sewing machine but you will not come out as a great couturier since you can always hire someone for it. But keep in mind that there is a sewing course where you will be valued as a seamstress.
  • Be curious and innovative. T is always present in the latest news, trends, fairs, designers, books, magazines, etc. Because what is fashionable today is not tomorrow.

If it is true that this is not enough:

The fashion industry is not just about making flashy clothing sketches. You need to have skills and preparation to be an entrepreneur or entrepreneur (if you are going to create your brand). Cover a wide range of skills such as pattern making, clothing, fabric knowledge, computer programs, photography, styling, etc. Don't panic all this is learned during the 4 years of university.

When they ask us as children "what do you want to be when you grow up?" No child answers that they want to be a fashion designer, it is much more beautiful to be a doctor, a firefighter, a police officer, or something like that. But the world has changed. Children as small are born with a sixth sense that pushes them to do one or the other things. That happened to me, I always dressed the barbies and dolls with trimmed and poorly sewn rags. I knew perfectly well that when I grew up I would be a designer!

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