Monday, 6 July 2020

Paris Fashion Week

We could say that fashion week is a purely modern phenomenon, of the 21st century, since it was at the beginning of this when in the fashion capitals of the world they established this week dedicated to the most renowned fashion designers, in New York, London, Tokyo, Madrid ... The press attends these events to spread the latest trends in these semi-annual cycles, autumn-winter, and spring-summer.

The first fashion week started in New York during World War II, to divert attention from the monopoly that French fashion had and due to the impossibility during those years of traveling to "la France" to see fashion shows. Today Fashion Week in Paris continues to be one of the events with the most references, space to which we encourage all those who love fashion to attend.

The Paris Haute Couture Week is always a benchmark worldwide for its quality and waste of style when it comes to fashion. Parisian haute couture works as a perfect network of large needles, the best and best-known fashion houses, models chosen with great refinement, and the directors of the most important fashion magazines.

The Parisian event takes place twice a year, coinciding with the start of each season, and to participate in it, it is necessary to comply with rigorous rules that make this gear work:

  • Firms have to organize private showrooms for their VIP clients, usually before the parades.
  • They must have an atelier in Paris where at least 15 people work full time.
  • It is necessary to present the collection to the specialized press, which must be made up of at least 35 outfits for both day and night.

Paris Haute Couture Week is a wonderful opportunity for designers and fashion houses. In it, the most special and beautiful dreams of design are brought to reality. Wonderful fabrics, handcrafted preparation, choice of the parade place ... A laborious work that recreates a world of magic and reverie.

In this link, you will be able to know in more detail the parade program for this upcoming autumn-winter season in Paris.

A little history

Paris Fashion Week always displays a great display of ingenuity, scenarios where models parade through the artifice of music and decorations.

A few years ago, Chanel wanted to go back to the 1913 Paris premiere of Igor Stravinski's The Consecration of Spring, to celebrate that avant-garde spirit from which the "Café Society" emerged, an exclusive movement that brought together aristocrats and artists throughout of several decades, between 1920 and 1960. According to sources from the French firm, it also sought to emulate this rupture intention with a collection that does not reproduce the emblematic symbols of the house, such as stars or lions, but maintains a camellia breeze.

On the tables on which Stravinski was danced, jewels were exhibited that moved like the main dancer, waited behind the scenes, or were incorporated into the setting. The music was present in necklaces such as  "Charleston", which recalled the twenties of the last century with fringes, and the contrast between white diamonds and black onyx, or another that reproduced the structure of the pentagram ...

We only have to wait a few weeks to delight ourselves with what the new Paris fashion week has to offer us, groundbreaking designs, a combination of sublime elements, music, jewelry, colors, and the most charming spaces in the French capital. Do not miss it!

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