Sunday, 5 July 2020

Coca-Cola with coffee, the new explosive mixture that you can already taste in Spain

This time you will not have to go to the other side of the world to try the new fashion invention, Coca-Cola with coffee is going to be launched in Spain.

A week ago I announced the marriage between coffee and Coca-Cola that was going to take place inside the Japanese soda cans. And for those of you who told us that you had already included it in your list of rare drinks to try, I bring you good news. It is actually good news for everyone.

And it is that in Spain we will also have Coca-Cola with coffee.

Coca-Cola Plus Coffee, which is the name of the new variety of Coca-Cola with coffee, combines the refreshing and unmistakable flavor of cola with a touch of coffee, without sugar and without calories.

How much coffee does Coca-Cola Plus Coffee have

As indicated in the list of ingredients of the new cola drink, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee contains 0.1% by volume of coffee extract and is sweetened with aspartame and acesulfame potassium, so it only provides 0.7 kcal per 100 ml.

This new drink joins the offer of soft drinks of the brand to cool off at any time with a new flavor that encourages people to continue day to day, whether at work, studying, between hours or, simply, for have a drink on the go.

All this, without giving up the flavor, achieved thanks to the coffee extract made with authentic coffee beans and in a smaller container to adapt to the different moments of consumption in which Coca-Cola Plus Coffee will be present. Coca-Cola Plus Coffee will be marketed throughout the Spanish territory in a 250 ml slim can, a differential 100% recyclable container with clear and visible information for the consumer, like all Coca-Cola containers in Spain.

Thus, in its commitment to respond to new consumer demands and trends, Coca-Cola Plus Coffee expands the offer of sugar-free and calorie-free drinks of the Coca-Cola brand, offering more alternatives for all tastes and for different times of consumption.

The distribution of Coca-Cola Plus Coffee - also available in countries such as Australia, Japan, Turkey or Vietnam - will be made through the usual Coca-Cola points of sale, adding to the varieties already available in our country: Coca-Cola original flavor, Coca-Cola light flavor, Coca-Cola original flavor, Coca-Cola light flavor, Coca-Cola zero sugar, Coca-Cola zero sugar zero caffeine, Coca-Cola zero cherry sugar, Coca-Cola light lemon flavor without sugar, Coca-Cola original flavor without the caffeine, and Coca-Cola light flavor without the caffeine.

In this way, the Coca-Cola brand, once again, innovates with a new product as it has been doing in recent years, to offer a complete catalog that includes beverages for every occasion: new ingredients, with great flavor, without sugar and without calories

The latest Coca-Cola news in Spain

As was already the case with the arrival in Spain of Honest, Ades, Glacéau Smartwater, and Appletiser, this new launch is part of the so-called Coca-Cola Future Path in Spain, which is committed to sugar-free drinks and packaging smaller, and its new sustainability strategy. With them, the consumer is at the center to offer more beverage options, with less sugar, clearer and more detailed information on each product, as well as innovations in new beverages and packaging.

Furthermore, with Coca-Cola Plus Coffee, Coca-Cola once again places Spain at the forefront of innovation, being the second country in Europe after Turkey to launch this new variety.

Carolina Aransay, Marketing Director of Coca-cola Spain adds that “At Coca-Cola, we understand innovation as the ability to adapt to consumer needs and, therefore, to new consumer trends, with a proposal for each person, at any time of the day ”, explains Carolina Aransay, Marketing Manager of the Coca-Cola brand in Iberia. "With Coca-Cola Plus Coffee, the Spanish coffee culture is combined, through the flavor, with new functionality, the ability to encourage consumers in their downturns and re-engage them with everyday life."

In this way, true to its DNA, Coca-Cola continues its journey in Spain to become a total beverage company with a strong commitment to innovation and a clear focus on the consumer.

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