Sunday, 5 July 2020


At last, you acquire that trend that you have been looking for for a while, you wear it a few times and when you wake up, it is out of fashion. Or maybe you have something stored in the closet, which you still like and makes you happy, but you don't dare because it's out. Trying to always be fashionable is exhausting, both for your economy and for your emotional stability and it is zero sustainable with the environment. I give you three tips that you surely already knew but you had never paid attention to look current with old-fashioned clothes.

1. Combine with accessories or trend accessories

It is what I propose with this look, I wore a beautiful second-hand shirt dress, courtesy of Kufashiongroup with a handmade bag, woven belt, and dancers with pompoms. Additionally, I have little tassel tendrils and one-color finger shadow makeup. In my case, accessories such as shoes and bags wear them out a lot, so I always have the opportunity to replace them with more fashionable ones. If you want to include a woven bag, I encourage you to visit a local store and get to know the artisans who made it more closely.

2. Includes fashion gestures to enhance your look

For Karl Lagerfeld: " Today anyone can dress well based on cheap clothes. There are elegant designs at any economic level. You can be the most stylish person in the world with just a T-shirt and jeans; the differential factor is added by you ." This differential factor is going to be the personal touch you give the outfit, in my case, roll up the dress and leave it a little unbuttoned to remove formality. Other fashionable gestures may be to roll up the hem of the pants, wear the jacket or blazer over the shoulders, the sweater hugging the waist, the pants inside the boots, put on a shirt inside out, or play with her neck. Even the simple fact of putting the blouse inside the pants completely changes the intention of a look.

3. Do renovations

The DIYs I've done include: cutting a cool old flannel like a crop top, skinny wide-legged pants, taping a skirt, bleaching a jean vest, studying it, and then patching a jean jacket, cutting the hem to some shorts and fraying them, painting some shoes ... Let nothing stop you in your creation.

In these tips I do not include vintage or retro clothes because these clothes have their charm precisely in being from past times, so only by combining different periods will you be doing the magic.

The last advice I can give you is to never judge your clothes by whether they are out of fashion or not, but if you feel comfortable wearing them.

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